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Baller 87 Spray Deck

Baller 87 Spray Deck

SKU: 63510

A bungee style neoprene spraydeck for intermediate to advanced paddlers is now made from e.prene - a kinder to mother nature alternative to conventional neoprene rubber.

+ The deck is made from 4 mm e.prene rubber with Supratex nylon laminated on the top - wear resistant outside layer to ensure durability without sacrificing flexibility

+ Sticky silicon coating around the inside perimeter of the deck to provide better adhesion with the cockpit rim ensuring it stays on even in hard whitewater

+ Bungee around the perimeter to keep water out and make sure the skirt stays on

+ Large and easy to find pull tab for a quick and safe exit

+ A strap running diagonally across the spay deck that can be adjusted to fit the cockpit width properly and can be used as a "kick out bar" with your knees in case you can't reach your pull tab

+ The ease of use of this skirt makes it a great choice for both individuals and outfitters alike

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