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G-Power Twister X-Creek - Two piece

G-Power Twister X-Creek - Two piece



The G’Power Twister is a whitewater kayak paddle that has stood the test of time, the standard version is still being produced now. The Twister has been popular with athletes in various disciplines but is most often seen in a racing environment due to the sheer power it generates. You will have seen it on the world slalom circuit and the Adidas Sickline. The Twister X-Creek is the reinforced version, specifically for the more testing whitewater environments.

G’Power X-Creek Series
The X-Creek Series came about with a very clear goal. To produce the high performance designs for which G’Power are known, in a stronger construction to suit testing whitewater environments. The X-Creek Series is G’Power’s offering for premium carbon paddles, specifically for powerful playspots, steep creeking, big volume whitewater and also extreme slalom.


Blade area715 cm2730 cm2
Blade length475 mm475 mm
Blade width195 mm202 mm
Carbon content – blade / shaft100% / 85%100% / 85%
Shaft diameter29 mm29 mm
Paddle weight~ 840 g~ 880 g
Metal Tips


Paddles are ordered from Gpower upon request
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