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G Power Eleven Sixer SUP - EX USE

G Power Eleven Sixer SUP - EX USE

€500.00 Regular Price
€400.00Sale Price

The ELEVEN / SIXER from G’POWER is a very versatile, inflatable touring board designed for beginners and intermediate SUP enthusiasts. It will perfectly fulfill its task during recreational paddling on a lake or other calm body of water. The dimensions of the G’POWER board and the relatively large displacement make it possible to use it also as a family board. The displacement of 140 kg will allow adults to use them with a child or their four-legged pet in a very comfortable way. The board is 350 cm long, 83 cm wide and 15 cm high. Thanks to this, it is very stiff and stable, Quite a large width and high stiffness thanks to the MSL technology will allow for quite quick movement as for a tourist board.

The three detachable fins allow you to more easily control the direction and make paddling easier. Additional luggage handles with a rope will allow you to take a small waterproof bag, The board is made of a two-layers, very durable PVC material in the well-known Drop Stitch technology. Additionally, made in a welded technology, it makes it very stiff and light. The maximum inflation pressure can be 15 PSI which gives excellent stiffness with MSL technology.

The board is very easy to “roll up” to be packed back into a bag In the set, along with the board, you will receive all the necessary accessories, such as a two-way pump with a pressure gauge, aluminum three-piece paddle, leash, repair kit and a durable backpack for transporting.

If you are looking for your first board that will serve you for several good seasons, it is worth investing in G’POWER ELEVEN / SIXER.


Thanks to the Drop Stitch MSL technology, the Eleven / SIXER plank has much greater stiffness and hardness compared to glued planks. The distinguishing feature of our boards is their weight of 9.4 kg, which makes it one of the lighter boards on the market offered in this size.

The Drop Stitch technology consists of thousands of polyester fibers that form the core inside the board.

This rigid and resistant structure holds the welded PVC layers together in the shape of a board. The sides of the board are covered with a double and very durable PVC layer. The upper side of the board is covered with a very comfortable EVA foam in the shape of a honeycomb, which does not cause the feet numbness during longer sessions in the water.

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