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G Power fish SUP paddle

G Power fish SUP paddle


Fish Paddle 2p

Fish Paddle for two-piece paddleboarding paddle made of carbon and glass in Pre-preg technology. The structure of the paddle guarantees high rigidity and low weight.
About 620g. Very easily moves all the strength inserted in strokes on the speed.
Blade and handle made of 100% carbon, shaft up to 40% carbon.

The paddle is offered in one universal size in a 2-piece construction. It works very well on medium and longer distances. Perfect equipment for weekend trips into the unknown. Thanks to its low weight, paddling won’t be a problem even for a physically weaker person.

The paddle has a PALM GRIP handle integrated with a tube in the monocoque technology. The adjustment system (Qnect G’Power) will allow you to smoothly control the length between 175-215 cm and facilitate the transport. A good quality composite clamp does not corrode and sticks tightly, allows several people to use the same paddle.

The milled measuring scale, in opposites into the printed ones, will stay on the carbon tube forever.
Our SUP Paddle Fish is available in 2 colors of graphics. Blue and green.



Blade area: 545 cm2
Blade length: 450 mm
Blade width: 180 mm
Carbon content – 100%/40%
Shaft diameter 28 mm
Paddle weight ~  620 g
Metal Tips – no

Paddles are ordered upon request
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