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G- Power Harpoon Yelo - One piece

G- Power Harpoon Yelo - One piece


reestyle carbon paddle – Harpoon YELO

New edge of the blade made in new carbon paddle connecting technology makes the harpoon perfect for shallow and rocky spots, freestyle. Now the edge of the blade has extra more carbon which makes it extra strong. G’Power Harpoon freestyle carbon paddle is a perfect for demanding paddlers who expects powerful strokes, light weight, comfortable shaft and the possibility of choose sizes.Harpoon is available with Qnect System which makes traveling much easier.
Is a new weapon for everyone who wants go higher and faster.

Tomasz Czaplicki (POL)

Why I like Harpoon?
In my opinion it’s a perfect paddle. The Harpoon series is a result of cooperation with G’Power designers team using their knowledge and my kayak experience.
In my opinion Harpoon World Cup Edition is the best paddle designed for freestyle and White Water kayaking.


Blade area660 cm2700 cm2740 cm2
Blade length460 mm465 mm470 mm
Blade width216 mm226 mm236 mm
Carbon content – blade / shaft80% / 80%80% / 80%80% / 80%
Shaft diameter30 mm30 mm30 mm
Paddle weight~ 820 g~ 860 g~ 900 g
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